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Towards convergence of technical safety practices in Europe

Berlin, 4 & 5 November 2002

In its fourth year, the forum focuses on discussing the convergence of nuclear safety practices in Europe – which is also the general aim of EUROSAFE – and the latest work carried out by GRS, IRSN and their partners from the European Union and Eastern Europe.

PDF icon Programme of the forum 2002104.62 KB

2002 Seminar 1

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Seminar 1

Nuclear Installation Safety / Assessment and Analysis

PDF icon Neutron Fluence at the Reactor Pressure Vessel Wall - a Comparision of French and German Procedures and Strategies in PWRs (U. Jendrich (GRS), N. Tricot (IRSN))48.21 KB
PDF icon Insights and Lessons Learned from the Brunsbüttel Piping Failure Event (H. Schulz, A. Voswinkel, H. Reck (GRS))32.65 KB
PDF icon Neutron Flux Oscillations at German BWRs (M. Maqua, K. Ktthoff, W. Pointner (GRS))387.97 KB
PDF icon Fire-induced Damage to Electrical Cables and Fire Growth on Cables (O. Keski-RahKnen, J. Mangs (VTT, Finland), R. Bertrand (IRSN), M. Röwekamp (GRS))263.96 KB
PDF icon French experiences on Renewing of I&C Systems in NPPs - Feedback from assessing nuclear instrumentation system (RPN) refurbishment at French CP0-series plants (F. Fradet, J. C. Péron, B. Soubies, O. Elsensohn (IRSN))49.65 KB
PDF icon IAEA Extrabudgetary Programme on Mitigation of Intergranular Stress Corrosion Cracking in RBMK Reactors (R. Havel (IAEA))34.77 KB
PDF icon Potential Risk of a Criticality Event During Refuelling (V. Laurioux, P. Deschamps (IRSN))331.58 KB
PDF icon Upgrading of the Ukrainian NPPs, the "2+2" Approach Applied for the Licensing of the Major Modifications (A. Gorbatchev, D. Goetsch (IRSN), P. Kelm (GRS), V. Redko (SNRCU, Ukraine), N. Martirossian (ANRA, Armenia), A. Madonna (ANPA, Italy))48.91 KB
PDF icon Safety Reassessment of the Old Installations Involved in Fuel Cycle (M. Guillard (IRSN))33.27 KB
PDF icon Regulations and Equipment Qualification Programme for Increased Operating Safety at Ignalina NPP (A. Alejev (VATESI, Lithuania), M. Chouha (IRSN), G. A. Georgiou (Jacobi Consulting Ltd - UK), R. Shipp (Firecrest Consulting Ltd - UK)45.03 KB

2002 Seminar 3

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Seminar 3

Waste Management

PDF icon SBK Studies on Deep Disposal and Safety (C. Thegerström (SKB, Sweden))24.16 KB
PDF icon Siting of a Geological Repository for Radioactive Waste in Germany - Latest Results of the AkEnd Regarding a New Site Selection Procedure (W. Brewitz, B. Baltes (GRS))11.39 KB
PDF icon Assessing Long-term Safety of Deep Disposal in Belgium: The SAFIR 2-Report (P. de Preter, P. Lalieux (ONDRAF/NIRAS, Belgium))73.97 KB
PDF icon Ongoing Revision of the German Safety Criteria for Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste (B. Baltes, W. Thomas (GRS))28.86 KB
PDF icon Assessing the Potentialities of Integrated Modelling during Early Phases of Siting and Design of a Geological Repository: the REGIME Exercise (F. Besnus, C. Certes, C. Serres, A. Genty (IRSN), B. Baltes, K. J. Röhlig, K. Fischer-Appelt (GRS))496.04 KB
PDF icon The SPIN Project: Testing of Safety and Performance Indicators (R. Storck, D.-A. Becker (GRS), J. Alonso (ENRESA, Spain), M. Hugi (NAGRA, Switzerland), A. Laciok (NRI, Czech Republic), J. Marivoet (SCK/CEN, Belgium), P. O\'Sullivan (NRG, Netherlands), T.121.2 KB
PDF icon Evaluation of the Seismic 3D High-resolution Method at Argillaceous Tournemire IRSN Site (J. Cabrera Nunez (IRSN))670.17 KB
PDF icon Coupling of Transport Processes and Geochemical Processes - a New Feature in the EMOS-Code (H. C. Moog, U. Noseck, T. Kühle, D. Buhmann, H.-J. Herbert (GRS))81.3 KB
PDF icon Chernobyl case study increases confidence level in radionuclide transport assessments in the geosphere (L. Dewière, A.Skalskyy (IRSN), D. Bugai (Institute of Geological Sciences, Ukraine), V. Kashparov, S.Levchuk (Ukrainian Institute of Agricultural Radio332.79 KB
PDF icon Russian-German Co-operation in Developing a Methodological Approach for Disposal Site Selection in Hard Rock Formations (V. V. Lopatin, E. N. Kamnev, T. A. Gupalo (VNIPI PT, Russia), M. Wallner (BGR, Germany), J. Krone (DBE, Germany), W. Brewitz (GRS))416.22 KB