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Nuclear Expertise and the Challenge of EU Enlargement

Paris, 25 & 26 November 2003

The fifth edition of the forum focuses on nuclear expertise and the challenge of EU-enlargement and the latest work carried out by GRS, IRSN and their partners from the European Union, Switzerland and Eastern Europe.

PDF icon Programme of the forum 2003414.97 KB

2003 Seminar 1

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Seminar 1

Nuclear Installation Safety / Assessment and Analysis

PDF icon Safety of the fuel storage in French Nuclear Power Plants 900 MWe (L. Gilloteau (IRSN) )192.81 KB
PDF icon Goals, progress and difficulties with regard to the development of German nuclear standards on the example of KTA 2000 (M. Mertins (GRS))177.82 KB
PDF icon International review of the safety analysis report of Kursk nuclear power plant, unit 1 - Insight into the main results and conclusions (M. Chouha (IRSN), L. Bolshov (IBRAE, Russia))686.97 KB
PDF icon Safety approach for a new French research reactor (D. Rive, L. Bertrand, J. Couturier (IRSN))297.54 KB
PDF icon German contribution on the safety assessment of research reactors (S. Langenbuch, J. Rodriguez (GRS))160.24 KB
PDF icon Instrumentation needs and capabilities for severe accident management (B. De Boeck (AVN, Belgium), M. Vidard (EDF, France), J. Royen (NEA/OECD))224.21 KB
PDF icon Lessons learned from the INES-3 event at PAKS NPP on April 10, 2003 (L. Vöröss (HAEA, Hungary))167.98 KB
PDF icon Recent results and trends from the generic evaluation of German nuclear power plant operating experience (K. Kotthoff, A. Voswinkel, V. Wild (GRS))38.53 KB
PDF icon Modernization of sump filters design on ROVNO NPP (A. Gorbatchev, Y. Armand, J.M. Mattéi (IRSN), A. Mekhed (SSTC, Ukraine), V. Redko (SNRCU, Ukraine))216.74 KB
PDF icon ICDE Project – Brief presentation of an international collaboration on collecting and analysing CCF events (J. Tirira (IRSN), A. Kreuser (GRS))232.18 KB
PDF icon An integrated PSA approach to independent regulatory evaluations of nuclear safety assessments of Spanish nuclear power stations (J.M. Izquierdo Rocha, J. Hortal Reymundo, M. Sanchez Perea, E. Melendez Asencio (CSN, Spain))707.47 KB
PDF icon Assessment of the periodic safety review related to the third ten yearly outage of the French 900 MWe nuclear power plants (C. Mayoral, J.M. Mattéi (IRSN))276.77 KB

2003 Seminar 2

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Seminar 2

Nuclear Installation Safety / Research

PDF icon European validation of ASTEC-V1 through the EVITA project (H.J. Allelein, K.Neu (GRS), J.P. Van Dorsselaere, N. Trégourès (IRSN), M.K. Koch, M. Bendiab (Ruhr-Uni-Bochum/LEE), L. Kubisova (UJD SR))403.17 KB
PDF icon Development and validation of safety analysis codes for Russian reactors (S.L. Soloviev (OCRK, Russia), V.A. Vasilenko (NITI, Russia), B.A Gabaraev (RDIPE, Russia))26.82 KB
PDF icon Nuclear codes and data libraries at GRS for reactivity and nuclide inventory calculations (U. Hesse, S. Langenbuch, W. Zwermann (GRS) )1.13 MB
PDF icon Uncertainty analyses for large-break LOCA in a VVER-440/213 (M. Kristof (NRA, Slovakia), I. Vojtek (GRS))375.22 KB
PDF icon SARNET : Sustainable Integration of EU Research on Severe Accident Phenomenology and Management (J.-C. Micaelli, M. Schwarz (IRSN), V. Teschendorff (GRS), G. Cognet (CEA, France), R. Sehgal (KTH, Sweden), W. Scholtyssek (FZK, Germany), R. Sairanen (VTT, F210.41 KB
PDF icon Synthesis of CABRI-RIA tests interpretation (J. Papin, B. Cazalis, J.M. Frizonnet, E. Fédérici, F. Lemoine, J.C. Micaelli (IRSN))1.76 MB
PDF icon Lessons learnt concerning Iodine Chemistry - ISP-41, ISP-46 (B. Clément, C. Marchand (IRSN), H.J. Allelein, G. Weber (GRS))580.07 KB
PDF icon Characterisation of the behaviour of containment equipments under mechanical and thermal stresses in STARMANIA facility (L. Bouilloux, S. Artous, O. Norvez, D. Boulaud, J.-C. Laborde (IRSN))271.99 KB
PDF icon Experiments in the Halden Human-Machine Laboratory (HAMMLAB) investigating human reliability issues (G. Andresen, P.O. Braarud, A. Bye, F. Owre (OECD Halden Norway))139.53 KB
PDF icon Modelling of severe accident behaviour using the code ATHLET-CD (K. Trambauer, H. Austregesilo, C. Bals, A. Hora, B. G. Lerchi, C. J-D. Schubert (GRS))1.5 MB

2003 Seminar 3

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Seminar 3

Waste Management

PDF icon Investigation of uncertainties in the re-saturation model of bentonite as near-field buffer in a spent fuel repository in granite (K.P. Kröhn (GRS))261.8 KB
PDF icon Lessons learnt from IRSN Modelling performed for the 5th EC PCRD BENIPA Exercise (D. Pellegrini, C. Serres, C. Certes, F. Deleruyelle, F. Besnus (IRSN))279.46 KB
PDF icon Final results of the BAMBUS II project - experimental and modelling results concerning salt backfill compaction and EDZ evolution in a spent fuel repository in rock salt formations (T. Rothfuchs (GRS), B. Bazargan (Ecole Polytechnique, France), S. Olivell418.48 KB
PDF icon Evaluation of the importance of thermo-hydro-mechanical coupling on the performance assessment of a deep underground storage design (A. Rejeb (IRSN), A. Millard (CEA, France))277.64 KB
PDF icon The Ventilation Experiment at Mont Terri : Preliminary Results and Interpretation of the low humidity-air Phase (J.M. Matray (IRSN), F. Coste (ARCADIS / EEG-SIMECSOL), J.C. Mayor (ENRESA, Spain), T. Rothfuchs (GRS), P. Marshall (NAGRA, Switzerland))337.97 KB
PDF icon Experimental studies on gas migration in underground rock laboratories in granitic and argillaceous rocks (N. Jockwer (GRS))497.82 KB
PDF icon Deep geological disposal research in Romania (M. Pavelescu, A. Ionescu, A. Rizoiu (INR, Romania), D. Buhmann, R. Storck (GRS))322.64 KB
PDF icon National hydrological research programme (PNRH 99/35-01/44): fluid transfer modelling for the Paris Bassin (S. Violette, J. Gonçalvès, A. Jost (University Paris VI, France), D. Bruel (ENSMP, France), J.C. Gros (IRSN))225.76 KB
PDF icon Model calculations and assessment of the importance of the colloidal based radionuclide transport in a waste repository in granite (A. Rübel, A. Becker, R. Storck (GRS))381.31 KB

2003 Seminar 4

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Seminar 4

Environment and Radiation Protection

PDF icon Determination of realistic exposure levels under consideration of farming and farm shopping at nuclear sites (H. Biesold, A. Becker, A. Artmann (GRS))465.36 KB
PDF icon Assessment of Doses around Nuclear Installations: For What? (J. Brenot, C. Ringeard, A. Morin, D. Laurier (IRSN))583.03 KB
PDF icon Advanced atmospheric dispersion modelling and probabilistic consequence analysis for radiation protection purposes (H. Thielen, R. Martens, W. Brücher (GRS))609.2 KB
PDF icon Evaluation and Network of EC – Decision Support Systems in the field of Terrestrial Radioecological Research – EVANET (G. Voigt (IAEA), N. Semioshkina, D. Tarsitano (GSF))285.38 KB
PDF icon Advanced methods for re-use and disposal of TENORM (D. Weiss (GRS))51.1 KB
PDF icon Compilation of a Countermeasures Compendium for Food Production Systems and Inhabited Areas (A.F. Nisbet, J.A. Mercer, and N. Hesketh (NRPB, United Kingdom), K.G. Andersson and J. Roed (Risø National Laboratory), K. Eged and Z Kis (GSF), B. Álvarez-Farizo52.69 KB
PDF icon Assessment of the STRATEGY countermeasures by the French FARMING working group (A. Oudiz, B. Cessac, F. Gallay, N. Reales and al. (IRSN))45.55 KB
PDF icon Ecological risk assessment for radionuclides: current status and critical knowledge gaps (J. Garnier-Laplace, C. Adam, O. Simon, R. Gilbin, J.M. Bonzom, K. Baugelin, J.C. Gariel (IRSN))45.5 KB
PDF icon Remediation strategy and practice on agricultural land contaminated with 137Cs and 90Sr in Belarus (I. Bogdevitch (BRISSA, Belarus))62.93 KB
PDF icon Task related Exposures in German Nuclear Power Plants under Decommissioning (J. Kaulard, W. Pfeffer (GRS))895.89 KB