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Safety Improvements – Reasons, Strategies, Implementation

Brussels, 7 & 8 November 2005

The EUROSAFE Forum 2005 focused on "Safety Improvements – Reasons, Strategies, Implementation" from the point of view of the authorities, TSOs and industry and presented the latest work in nuclear installation safety and research, waste management, radiation safety as well as nuclear material and nuclear facilities security carried out by GRS, IRSN, AVN and their partners in the European Union, Switzerland and Eastern Europe.

The event was rounded off by a poster exhibition.

PDF icon Programme of the forum 2005246.8 KB

2005 Seminar 1

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Seminar 1

Nuclear Installation Safety - Assessment and Analysis

PDF icon AVN’s experience as TSO in safety assessments of steam-generator-replacement and power-uprate projects (M. Vincke, D. Gryffroy, N. Hollasky, G. Roussel (AVN))37.78 KB
PDF icon The technico-economic optimization of the improvement of the safety level of the PWR 900 MWe units for their third ten-yearly outage thanks to the cost - benefit analysis (A. Dubreuil-Chambardel (EDF/SEPTEN, France), J.-P. Roux (EDF/DPN, France), N. Gimet21.15 KB
PDF icon Safety Improvements gained by taking into Account Fluid Structure Interaction when calculating Loads due to the Propagating Pressure waves in Pipe Systems (J. Perlia (TÜV-Süd, Germany))4.56 MB
PDF icon Support of the Russian Nuclear Safety Authority (Rostechnadzor) in developing the regulatory basis for dealing with ex-weapons plutonium (J.-P. Carreton (IRSN), N. Hollasky (AVN), B. Gmal (GRS), A. Petry (RISKAUDIT) with collaboration of: S. Pilate (EC),30.83 KB
PDF icon Assessment of safety-critical software (J. Gassino, J.-C. Peron, P. Régnier, B. Soubies (IRSN))55.73 KB
PDF icon Generic issues on sump clogging (W. Pointner, E. Kersting, B. Pütter (GRS))235.03 KB
PDF icon Periodic Safety Review: modifications resulting from the second ten-yearly outages of the French 1300 MWe PWRs (I. Miramon (IRSN))98.88 KB
PDF icon Key Issues in Safety Assessment of Digital I&C Upgrades in Eastern type NPP’s (10 years of German-Ukrainian collaboration) G. Schnuerer (GRS), M.Yastrebenetsky (SSTC, Ukraine), A. Lindner (GRS)86.68 KB
PDF icon Safety evaluation of the Finnish EPR project (J. Hyvärinen, P. Tiippana (STUK, Finland))19.28 KB

2005 Seminar 3

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Seminar 3

Environment and Radiation Protection

PDF icon Crisis management: respective roles of radiological consequences calculations and of radioactivity measurements in the environment (A.Oudiz, B. Dufer, P. Dubiau, J.-P. Maigné (IRSN))20.24 KB
PDF icon Experiments to quantify airborne release from packages with dispersible radioactive materials under accident conditions (R. Martens, F. Lange (GRS), W. Koch, O. Nolte (FhG - ITEM, Germany))791.79 KB
PDF icon Support diagramm for the Selection of preliminary actions for post-accident phase management (N. Réales, B. Cessac, E. Quentric, F. Gallay, Ph. Dubiau, IRSN)17.17 KB
PDF icon Radiological consequence analysis in case of fire impact (W. Brücher, M. Sogalla (GRS))270.43 KB
PDF icon Radiation field calculation in the vicinity of Russian radioisotope generator sources (G. Pretzsch, K. Hummelsheim, P. Bogorinski (GRS))895.07 KB
PDF icon CORE Health project: production and use of environmental radioactivity measurements data and internal contamination data for the health status follow-up of children in Belarus (C. Luccioni (IRSN), J.-C. Autret, M. Josset (ACRO, France), M. Brugière, M. Co17.26 KB
PDF icon Analysis of isotope inventory and dose of post-irradiation samples of the TAKAHAMA-3 reactor with KENOREST (R. Kilger, U. Hesse, H.-J. Fett (GRS))666.08 KB
PDF icon Requirements on official electronic dosimetry systems - a concept for the use of official electronic personal dose meter in Germany (W. Pfeffer, J. Kaulard (GRS))233.8 KB
PDF icon Citizen involvement in radiological monitoring in their environment (Jean-Claude Autret, Mylène Josset)380.84 KB