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“Radioactive Waste Management: Long Term Safety Requirements and Societal Expectations”

Paris, 13 & 14 November 2006


The EUROSAFE Forum 2006 focuses on “Radioactive Waste Management: Long Term Safety Requirements and Societal Expectations” from the point of view of the authorities, TSOs and industry and presented the latest work in nuclear installation safety and research, waste management, radiation safety as well as nuclear material and nuclear facilities security carried out by GRS, IRSN, AVN and their partners in the European Union, Switzerland and Eastern Europe.

PDF icon Programme of the forum 2006366.97 KB

2006 Posters

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Poster Presentations

PDF icon Research programme related to the influence of wind on contamination containment in nuclear installations (S. Soares, T. Gelain, JC. Laborde, L. Ricciardi )3 MB
PDF icon SYLVIA and ISIS: IRSN computers codes for fire safety (L. Rigollet, S. Melis, P. Querre, S. Suard, F. Babik, L. Audouin, M. Forestier, L. Ricciardi1.02 MB
PDF icon Structure Mechanics Analysis of Experiments with Cracks in Dissimilar Welds of Piping (T. Schimpfke, J. Sievers )823.29 KB
PDF icon Pre-and Post-Test Calculation for the PARAMETER-SF1-Experiment with ATHLET-CD (W. Erdmann, K. Trambauer, J. Stuckert)1.75 MB
PDF icon SEMINAR 2: The Ruprechtov Natural Analogue Field Study (U. Noseck, T. Brasser, A. Laciok, M. Denecke)1.82 MB
PDF icon Enhancing co-operation between AVN, IRSN and GRS: the junior staff pilot project on the comparative testing of IPA codes (A. De Hoyos , S. Keesmann, O. Smidts)546.09 KB
PDF icon SEMINAR 3: Implications of the Draft ICRP-2005 Recommendations on the Radiation Field of a CASTOR-Flask (K. Gewehr, U. Hesse, K. Hummelsheim, E. Moser, U. Quade, W. Weber)581.57 KB
PDF icon Extended Activation and Depletion Analysis Code GRS-ORIGEN-X (U. Hesse, E. F. Moser, K. Hummelsheim, R. Kilger, S. Langenbuch)71.19 KB
PDF icon Conception and Methodology of a Prospective Safety Report for Uranium Mill Tailings Pond (D. Weiss, P.-J. Larue, K. Fischer-Appelt)136.28 KB
PDF icon SEMINAR 4: « SARNET » Education: Course on Severe Accident Progression (analysis, date and uncertainties) (J.-M. Mattei, P. Richard, T. Albiol)175.52 KB
PDF icon JS3P: Junior Staff Programme Pilot Project (H. Prétrel, N. Trégourès, V. Bessiron, A. Dehoyos, I. Delvallée, N. Brisson, C. Debayle, M. Dubreuil, G. Nicaise, J P. Perignon, J. Richard, N. Reinke, J. Kaulard, M. Bürgener, S. Keesmann, B. Schramm, A. Seuber303.31 KB
PDF icon Safety Analysis of RBMK Design Basis Accidents by Coupled Neutronics Thermal Hydraulics Codes QUABOX/CUBBOX-ATHLET and SADCO-ATHLET (M. Clemente, S. Langenbuch, K. Velkov, P. Kuznetcov, V. Panin, M. Roghdestvensky, T. Sakharova, I. Stenbock )571.23 KB
PDF icon Achievement of an exercise to prepare for a nuclear material inventory in case of emergency (B. Massendari, F. Lemoine)263.67 KB
PDF icon French German Initiative: FGI General Overview (H. Biesold, H.G Friederichs, G. Pretzsch, G. Deville-Cavelin, V. Lhomme, N. Rutschkowsky, M. Tirmarche, D. Bazyka, V. Chabanyuk, A. Seleznev, A.M. Kellerer)2.5 MB
PDF icon French German Initiative: Safety of Sarcophagus (G. Pretzsch (GRS), V. Lhomme (IRSN), A. Seleznev (CC))1.16 MB
PDF icon French German Initiative: REDAC, the radioecological database after the Chernobyl accident (H. Biesold (GRS), G. Deville-Cavelin (IRSN), V. Chabanyuk (CC))1.34 MB
PDF icon French German Initiative: Health consequences of the Chernobyl accident (M. Tirmarche (IRSN), D. Bazyka (CC), A.M. Kellerer (SBI))77.91 KB

2006 Seminar 2

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Seminar 2

Waste Management and Environment

PDF icon Safety of direct disposal of spent fuel and of disposal of reprocessing waste (F. Besnus, IRSN)31.41 KB
PDF icon European pilot study on the regulatory review of the safety case for geological disposal of radioactive waste (F. Besnus (IRNS), J. Vigfusson (HSK), R. Smith (Radioactive Substances Regulation Environment Agency), V. Nys (AVN), G. Bruno (ECDG TEN), P. Metcalf (IAEA), C. Ruiz-Lopez (CSN), E. Ruokola (STUK), M. Jensen (SSI), K. Röhlig (GRS))33.63 KB
PDF icon German activities towards a thermodynamic reference data base (H.-J. Herbert and S. Hagemann (GRS), V. Brendler (Forschungszentrum Rossendorf, Institut für Radiochemie), Ch. Marquardt (Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Institut für Nukleare Entsorgung), W. Voigt (Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg), S. Wilhelm (Colenco Power Engineering))167.05 KB
PDF icon Diffusion experiments at Mont Terri: overview and results (S. Savoye, IRSN)427.46 KB
PDF icon Application of the newly developed 3D transport code r3t to selected field cases (A. Rübel, E. Fein, GRS)502.34 KB
PDF icon Time-dependent evolution of the excavation damaged zone in the argillaceous Tournemire site (J. Cabrera, A. Rejeb, IRSN)2.14 MB
PDF icon Development by AVN of review guidance for safety assessment of radioactive waste disposal (V. Nys, O. Smidts, J. Mertens, AVN)43.13 KB
PDF icon NEA perspectives on timescales and criteria in post-closure safety of geological disposal (C. Pescatore, E. Forinash, OECD/NEA)65.49 KB
PDF icon Focus on isolation and confinement rather than on potential hazards: an approach to regulatory compliance for the post-closure phase (B. Baltes, A. Becker, A. Kindt, K.-J. Röhlig, GRS)282.26 KB