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“Securing Nuclear Safety in Future Years”

Berlin, 5 & 6 November 2007

The EUROSAFE Forum 2007 focused on “Securing Nuclear Safety in Future Years” from the point of view of the authorities, TSOs and industry and presented the latest work in nuclear installation safety and research, radiation safety as well as nuclear material and nuclear facilities security carried out by the founding members of European Technical Safety Organisations Network (GRS, IRSN, AVN) and their partners worldwide.

PDF icon Programme of the forum 20071.26 MB

2007 Seminar 2

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Seminar 2

Environment and Radiation Protection

PDF icon The new recommendations from ICRP (Jean-François Lecomte (IRSN))77.31 KB
PDF icon Activation calculation of a reactor vessel and application for planning of radiation shielding measures in decommissioning work (Ulrich Hesse, Klemens Hummelsheim (GRS); Ralf Nagel (DSR Berlin))589.18 KB
PDF icon Source term determination for sabotage against casks with vitrified high level waste (Wenzel Brücher, Reinhard Martens, Gunter Pretzsch (GRS); Oliver Nolte, Wolfgang Koch (FhG ITEM); Andreas Holzwarth (FhG EMI))438.47 KB
PDF icon Occupational exposure of medical staff due to diagnostic X-ray examinations in veterinary medicine (Edgar Mergel, Sebastian Feige (GRS); Uwe Häusler (BfS))1015.48 KB
PDF icon Towards an integrated management of health physics and medical physics (Chantal Mommaert, Frank Rogge, Geert Cortenbosch, Frederic Schmitz (AVN))124.76 KB
PDF icon International Union of Radioecology: a renewed strategy for the coming years (François Bréchignac (IUR))269.16 KB
PDF icon Program for French radioactivity alert network modernization (C. Debayke, L. Tardieu (IRSN))333.04 KB
PDF icon Evaluation of health consequences in children living in Eastern countries contaminated with caesium 137 as a result of the Chernobyl accident: EPICE, a pilot study (Jean-René Jourdain (IRSN))27.9 KB
PDF icon Methods for calculation of radiation exposure in case of re-use and disposal of NORM-waste (Dietmar Weiß, Rolf Roloff (GRS))187.19 KB
PDF icon Radioecological background for the isolation approach for the safety assessment of repositories (Bruno Baltes, Angela Becker, Anke Kindt (GRS))157.18 KB