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The role of TSOs in the context of increasing demand for safety expertise

Paris, 3 & 4 November 2008

The EUROSAFE Forum 2008 focused on “The role of TSOs in the context of increasing demand for safety expertise” from the point of view of the authorities, TSOs and industry and presented the latest work in nuclear installation safety and research, radiation safety as well as nuclear material and nuclear facilities security carried out by the founding members of European Technical Safety Organisations Network (GRS, IRSN, AVN) and their partners worldwide.

2008 Posters

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PDF icon Evaluating a Skills Management System (A. Largier)104.54 KB
PDF icon Analysis of protection against external hazards; examples of flooding and climatic hazards (Y. Guigueno)187.88 KB
PDF icon The pressurized water reactor simulator: a high-performance tool in support for safety (P. Dufeil)462.24 KB
PDF icon SMART 2008 Benchmark (C. Piedagnel et al.)2.88 MB
PDF icon SMART 2008 (C. Piedagnel et al.)845.69 KB
PDF icon The European TSO Network (E. Scott de Martinville, U. Erven, B. De Boeck)3.05 MB
PDF icon More than 40 years of experience in nuclear safety and radiation protection (B. de Boeck)2.87 MB
PDF icon Pilot ETSON/JSP Summer School succeeds (S. Weber, A. de Hoyos)2.98 MB
PDF icon Failure Mode and Effect Analysis of Cable Failures within a Fire PSA (J. Herb and E. Piljugin)614.03 KB
PDF icon Main achievements of the European R&D on the issue of air ingression during a LWR severe accident (C. Mun, T. Kärkelä, N. Vér, D. Corbin, G. Brillant, M. Steinbrück)1.14 MB
PDF icon HEMERA: a 3d coupled core-plant system for accidental reactor transient simulation (S. Cadet-Mercier, G.B. Bruna, F. Dubois, B. Normand, F. Fouquet, A. Sargeni)1.54 MB
PDF icon Tacis and INSC programmes for Nuclear Safety – Expectations of the European Union (P. Chuilon, J.P. Joulia, H. Pauwels)449.65 KB
PDF icon Study on the potential imports by Member States of agricultural products containing radiocesium concentrations in excess of EC limits (D. Weiß, S. Feige; GRS Berlin)459.08 KB
PDF icon Review and Reassessment of the GRS Handbook of Criticality (R. Kilger, E.F. Moser, B. Gmal; GRS Garching)780.99 KB
PDF icon Mobilization suited for each radiological emergency (V. Chambrette)677.02 KB
PDF icon The IRSN experimental platform at Tournemire - An underground research laboratory aiming at strengthening IRSN expertise on HLRW geological disposal (J.Cabrera Nunez et al.)5.88 MB
PDF icon Proficiency tests organisation as a tool of improvement of radioactivity measurement quality in the frame of environmental survey (C. Aubert, M. Osmond)1.92 MB
PDF icon Coupled Modelling of Convergence, Steel Corrosion, Gas Production and Brine Flow in a Rock Salt Repository (Dirk-Alexander Becker, Rolf-Peter Hirsekorn)188.29 KB
PDF icon Measurement of pH and Eh in saline solutions for a better knowledge of the chemical environment in nuclear repositories (B. P. Vester, S. Hagemann)254.36 KB
PDF icon RECOSY- redox phenomena controlling systems (B. Vester)520.21 KB
PDF icon JRC Ispra D&WM Programme (F. Basile/S. Amato/L. Di Cesare)609.94 KB
PDF icon Safety Assessment and Nuclear R&D Activities of VTT (S. Vuori)1.96 MB
PDF icon The pressurized water reactor simulator: a high-performance tool in support for safety (P. Dufeil)632.93 KB

2008 Seminar 1

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Seminar 1

Nuclear Installation Safety

Anchoring TSO expertise safety assessment guide (P. De Gelder, B. De Boeck (Bel V), M. Krauss, H. Liemersdorf, M. Röwekamp (GRS), P. Quentin (IRSN)): Abstract / Slides

Review process of PSA Level 2 of KBR - concept and experience (M. Andernacht (TÜV NORD SysTec), H. Glaser (MSGF), M. Sonnenkalb (GRS)): Abstract / Slides

Improving the safety of a Ukrainian NPP to reach an internationally accepted level (S. Bozhko (SNRCU), J. Helske (STUK), R. Janke (GRS), C. Mayoral (IRSN)): Abstract / Slides

Safety management in a competitiveness context (J.- M. Rousseau (IRSN)): Abstract / Slides

Tube support plate clogging up of French PWR steam generators (H. Bodineau, T. Sollier (IRSN)): Abstract / Slides

SARNET, a success story: survey of major achievements on severe accidents and of knowledge capitalization within ASTEC code (T. Albiol , J.-P. Van Dorsselaere (IRSN), N. Reinke (GRS)): Abstract / Slides

The safety research in the European strategic research agenda (SRA) of the sustainable nuclear energy technology platform (SNE-TP) (G.B. Bruna, E. Scott-de-Martinville (IRSN), P. Storey (HSE), V. Teschendorff ( GRS), M. Zimmermann (PSI)): Abstract / Slides

A coupled CFD-FEM strategy to predict thermal fatigue in mixing tees of nuclear reactors (M.H.C. Hannink, A.K. Kuczaj, F.J. Blom, J.M. Church, E.M.J. Komen (NRG)): Abstract / Slides

Analyses of UO2 RIA-Tests with the code TESPA-ROD (H.- G. Sonnenburg (GRS)): Abstract / Slides

Progress in uncertainty analyses methods (H. Glaeser (GRS), E. Chojnacki (IRSN)): Abstract / Slides

2008 Seminar 2

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Seminar 2

Radiation Protection

Radiation protection and nuclear safety regulatory inspection: a happy marriage? (A. Geens, P. Barras (Bel V)): Abstract / Slides

The SISERI system: an information system for occupational dosimetry registration (E. Vial, P. Scanff, D. Crescini (IRSN)): Abstract / Slides

Dose rate calculation at transport and storage casks for spent nuclear fuel (B. Gmal, U. Hesse, K. Hummelsheim, R. Kilger, M. Wagner (GRS)): Abstract / Slides

Safety review for the Chernobyl spent fuel storage facility ISF-1 (B. Gmal, G. Pretzsch (GRS), G. Damette, J. Ducau, J. Marciano (IRSN)): Abstract / Slides

Comparison of decommissioning options for the example of 2 research reactors of type TRIGA (J. Kaulard (GRS), B. Jünger-Gräf (Formerly Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum Heidelberg)): Abstract / Slides

In the event of a nuclear accident in France: the IRSN makes its expertise available for the management of the post-accidental consequences (B. Cessac, K. Herviou (IRSN)): Abstract / Slides

Development and application of a radioactive material transport event database in Germany: A 10-year review of incidents and accidents (G. Schwarz, F. Sentuc (GRS)): Abstract / Slides

Safety of radioisotope power sources for space missions (M. Sogalla, F. Sentuc, G. Pretzsch (GRS)): Abstract / Slides

OEDIPE: a new numerical tool for the personalized internal dose assessment (D. Franck, D. Broggio, A. Desbrée, S. Lamart (IRSN)): Abstract / Slides

Accidents in radiation therapy in France: causes, consequences and lessons learned (S. Derreumaux (IRSN)): Abstract / Slides

2008 Seminar 3

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Seminar 3

Waste Management and Environment

Increasing the understanding of non-isothermal bentonite re-saturation by the development of an alternative conceptual approach (K.- P. Kröhn (GRS)): Abstract / Slides

Short and long-term behaviour of compacted bentonites in contact with solutions of different salinities: a safety issue fort he long-term closure of repositories for radioactive waste? (H.-J. Herbert, H. Sprenger, C. Reichelt (GRS), J. Kasbohm (Institute of Geography and Geology and Gerology-Univ. of Greifswald), A. M. Fernandez (CIEMAT)): Abstract / Slides

Bel V activities in the Belgian context of dismantling research reactor and fuel cycle facilities (C. Kennes, C. Mommaert, O. Smidts (Bel V)): Abstract / Slides

A rationale for the safety of a long-lived low-level waste disposal facility (F. Besnus, IRSN): Abstract / Slides

A tool for the survey of low level radiological and natural events in the atmosphere (O. Masson, D. Piga (IRSN)): Abstract / Slides

2008 Seminar 4

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Seminar 4

Nuclear Material and Nuclear Facilities Security

Computer security at nuclear facilities (A. Cavina (IAEA)): Slides

Implementation and application of an IT- security process in nuclear facilities (H. Schugt (GKN)): Slides

Compatibility of safety and security (J. Jalouneix (IRSN)): Abstract / Slides

G8 Global Partnership: Germany’s contribution to strengthening international security (A. Pfaffernoschke (AA)): Slides

Modernisation of physical protection of Russian nuclear installations in the frame of G8GP-Programme (H. Biesold (GRS)): Slides