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Safety Implications of an Increased Demand for Nuclear Energy

Brussels, 2 & 3 November 2009

The main topic of the Forum was "Safety Implications of an Increased Demand for Nuclear Energy". Most of the abstracts, slides and posters are available on this web page.

2009 Posters

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Advanced Coupled Code Systems for Transient and Accident Analyses of European LWRs (K. Velkov, YPérin): Poster

Analysis Method for Leak Probabilities in Complex Structures (Y. Wang, J. Sievers): Poster

Calibration and Improvement of Numerical THM Models for Rock Salt Repositories in the Frame of THERESA (Yan Wang, Jürgen Sievers et al.): Poster

CFD Simulations of Boron Dilution Effects in the Primary System (J. Herb): Poster

Guidline for a Master of Science and a Certificate Programme in Nuclear Security (A. Braunegger-Guelich, P. Colgan, M. Gregoric, V. Rukhlo, R. Abedin-Zadeh (IAEA)): Poster

Modelling the Activation of Reactor Components for Radiation Protection and Decommissioning (M. Wagner, U.Hesse, K. Hummelsheim, M. Wehrfritz, Y.Cartier): Poster

Phénix Reactor – End of Life Experiments (R. Le Ruyet, C. Pélissou): Poster

R&D on Reflooding of Degarded Cores in SARNET - Focus on Pearl new IRSN Facility (N. Stenne, F. Fichot, J. P. van Dorsselaere et al.): Poster

Radiation protection aspects of work activities (S. Feige - D. Weiss): Poster

Reviewing the Interim Safety Analysis Report of Belene NPP (1) (J. Bardelay, C. Martial et al.): Poster

Reviewing the Interim Safety Analysis Report of Belene NPP (2) (J. Bardelay, C. Martial et al.): Poster

Seismic Strengthening of Nuclear Buildings (Researcg Reactor CABRI - Cadarache, France) (G. Guilhem (IRSN)): Poster

Summer School on “Methodologies and Technical Aaspects in Nuclear Safety Aassessment” (K. Ben Ouaghrem, S. Schielke): Poster

The Climatic Impact on Radionuclide Transport in the Gorleben Overburden (J. Flügge, E. Fein, U. Noseck, A. Rüber, A. Schneider (GRS), W. Pohl (TU Braunschweig)): Poster

Towards Convergence on severe Accident Risk Assesment in Europe (E. Raimond, S. Güntay, C. Bassi et al.): Poster

2009 Seminar 1

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Seminar 1

Nuclear Installation Safety - Assessment

Lessons learned from the Forsmark 1 event related to the safety-related electrical systems in the Belgian NPPs (M. Dubois (Bel V)): Abstract / Slides

Introduction of Programmable Electronic Devices in nuclear safety systems: a new challenge in assessment. (J. Gassino ()): Abstract

Probabilistic safety analysis of non-seismic external hazards (J. Sandberg, G. Thuma (GRS), G. Georgescu (IRSN)): Abstract / Slides

Proceeding from the Safety Philosophy to Safety Requirements – Experience Feedback of TÜV NORD Group from Non-domestic Licensing Processes (W. Krüger, Dr. V. Nitzki, Dr. O. Rabe (TÜV NORD EnSys Hannover)): Abstract / Slides

Flamanville 3 EPR, safety assessment and on-site inspections (C. Piedagnel, F. Tarallo, B. Monnot (IRSN)): Abstract / Slides

2009 Seminar 2

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Seminar 2

Nuclear Installation Safety - Research

The European NULIFE research network for plant life management (R. Rintamaa, I. Aho-Mantila (VTT)): Abstract

The International Test Programme in the THAI Facility and its Use for Code Validation (Dr. M. Sonnenkalb (GRS), G. Poss (Becker Technologies)):
Abstract / Slides

Collaboration on fire code benchmark activities around the international fire research program PRISME (L. Rigollet (IRSN), M. Röwekamp(GRS)):
Abstract / Slides

Advanced neutron transport methods for the analysis of LWR and innovative reactor concepts (A. Seubert (GRS)): Abstract / Slides

Fuel behaviour under LOCA and RIA and its implication on the current safety criteria (F. Barré, C. Grandjean, M. Petit, F.  Arreghini (IRSN)): Abstract / Slides

2009 Seminar 3

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Seminar 3

Waste Management and Environment

The European Perspective on Perfromance Assessment Methodologies:
The Integrated EU Project PAMINA (J. Mönig (GRS)): Slides

Re-use of Uranium Mining Waste Rock in the Public Domain
Main outcomes of the review of the current situation in the Limousin Area (FRANCE)(M. O. Gallerand (IRSN)): Abstract / Slides

A benchmark on sensitivity analyses tools applied to analytical test models
(S. Hotzel (GRS)): Slides

Sealing experiments at the Tournemire URL (J.-D. Barnichon, F. Deleruyelle (IRSN)): Abstract / Slides

Modeling of release and transport of toxic substances in a high level waste repository in clay formations (H.-J. Herbert (GRS)): Abstract / Slides

2009 Seminar 4

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Seminar 4

Nuclear Material and Nuclear Facilities Security

French approach to protection of critical services: the nuclear field (J.-F. Dodeman (Secretariat-General for National Defence) Abstract

French experience in the implementation of the Additional Protocol (M. Gleizes, E. Leclère (IRSN)): Abstract / Slides

Laboratory scale tests for the assessment of solid explosive blast effects (K. Cheval, O. Loiseau, S. Kevorkian (IRSN)): Abstract / Slides

Inspectors' behavioural competencies evaluation for recruitment and training development (A. Gadet, E. Gosset (IRSN)): Slides

Russian-German Cooperation To Improve Security of Nuclear Arsenals (Y. P. Maslin (Aspect-Konversiya)): Slides

2009 Seminar 5

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Seminar 5

Radiation Protection

Contribution of IRSN in the management of radiological accidents (J.-F. Bottollier-Depois, M. Benderitter, P. Gourmelon(IRSN)): Abstract / Slides

Incidental release in IRE (B. Tombusyses, A. Wertealers, M. Schrauben (FANC), F. Schmitz, Y. Van Den Berghe, H. Drymael (Bel V)): Slides

Current problems in the field of radiation protection technique - Use of Active Personal Dosimeters (APD) in pulsed radiation fields (C. Schmidt, T. Stahl (GRS), E. Mergel (BMU)): Abstract / Slides

Chemical decontamination in nuclear systems – radiation protection issues during planning and realization (F. L. Karinda, C. Schauer, R. Scheuer (TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH)): Abstract / Slides

Contribution of IRSN to the international RP assistance: Expertise in case of orphan or unsafe sources (D. Ladsous, S. Israël (IRSN)): Slides

Results of several field tests simulation a radiological emergency situation in case of misuse of radioactive materials during a terrorist attack (J. Hulka, Z. Prouza (SURO)): Abstract / Slides