EUROSAFE Forum 2010

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The EUROSAFE Forum 2010 took place on November 8th and 9th, 2010, in the Gürzenich Hall in Cologne, Germany.

The main topic of the forum was "Innovation in Nuclear Safety and Security".
Most of the presentations and abstracts of this forum can be downloaded below.

In 2010 EUROSAFE provided a platform for hosting a workshop on "European Co-Operation in Education on Nuclear Safety".

EUROSAFE 2010 Seminar 1

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Seminar 1
Nuclear Installation Safety

Numerical simulation of nondestructive testing, an advanced tool for
safety analysis
 G. Cattiaux, T. Sollier (IRSN)
Abstract / Presentation

Comparative Analyses of Impact Tests with Reinforced Concrete Slabs
C. Heckötter (GRS), J. Sievers (GRS), F. Tarallo (IRSN), N. Bourasseau (IRSN), B. Cirée (IRSN), A. Saarenheimo (VTT), K. Calonius (VTT), M. Tuomala (TUT)
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Advanced modelling of complex material properties – a significant step towards predictive computation of cladding rupture
F. Barré (IRSN), O. Marchand (IRSN), Y. Monerie (IRSN, MIST), F. Perales (IRSN, MIST)
Abstract / Presentation

Review of 10 years of molten corium concrete interaction R&D –
potential applications for containment integrity
J. M. Bonnet (IRSN), C. Spengler (GRS), T. Sevon (VTT), A. Rydl (UJV)
Abstract / Presentation

COCOSYS - New Modelling of Safety Relevant Phenomena and Components
W. Klein-Heßling, H. Nowack, C. Spengler, G. Weber, M. Höhne, M. Sonnenkalb (GRS)
Abstract / Presentation

IRSN point of view on plant long term operation assessment
P. Quentin, J. Couturier (IRSN)
Abstract / Presentation

Safety assesment of shutdown reactors at the Ignalina NPP
A. Kaliatka, S. Rimkevicius, E. Uspuras (LEI/LNIS)
Abstract / Presentation

Technical qualification of nuclear power plant personnel in Germany
C. Quester, C. Verstegen, V. Wild (GRS)
Abstract / Presentation

Safety Assessment Issues Associated with Implementation of New Generation of Reactors
J. Misak (ÚJV)
Abstract / Presentation

Assessment of the overall Instrumentation & Control architecture of the EPR FA3 project
J. Gassino, P. Régnier (IRSN)
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EUROSAFE 2010 Seminar 2

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Seminar 2

Radiation Protection and Environment

Occupational radiation exposure of workers in German NPPs
E. Strub, C. Schmidt, J. Kaulard (GRS)
Abstract / Presentation

Radiation Safety in New Build
O. Vilkamo, K. Alm-Lytz (STUK)
Abstract / Presentation

Criticality safety in the waste management of spent fuel from NPPs
R. Kilger (GRS)
Abstract / Presentation

Technical experience of the Belgian TSO regarding the refurbishment of hot cells
G. Cortenbosch (Bel V), G. Degreef (Bel V), N. Noterman (Bel V), C. Mommaert (Bel V), O. Smidts (Bel V), M. Van haesendonck (Bel V),H. Drymael (Bel V), F. Schmitz (Bel V), C. Kennes (Bel V), P. Carlier (FANC)
Abstract / Presentation

Radiation exposure to workers in water works
D. Weiss, S. Feige (GRS)
Abstract / Presentation

Radiation protection of the environment - recent advances in nuclear ecotoxicology research
J. Garnier-Laplace, T. Hinton, R. Gilbin, F. Alonzo (IRSN)
Abstract / Presentation

Safety analysis of the transportation of radioactive waste to the Konrad final repository
F. Sentuc, W. Brücher (GRS)
Abstract / Presentation

Exposure of Workers from the Transport of NORM in Germany
D. Weiss (GRS)
Abstract / Presentation

A radioecological risk assessment tool for post-accidental situations in the Toulon marine area (South of France)
C. Duffa, H. Thebault (IRSN)
Abstract / Presentation

Occupational cataracts and lens opacities in interventional cardiology: The O'CLOC study
S. Jacob, A. Bertrand, M. O. Bernier (IRSN)
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EUROSAFE 2010 Seminar 3

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Seminar 3
Waste Management

Towards a German safety case for a high-level waste repository - the research project ISIBEL
J. Wolf, D. Buhmann, J. Mönig (GRS)
Abstract / Presentation

Current status of swelling of bentonite and gas migration experiments using an engineering scale model for immediate depth disposal in Japan
T. Higashihara, M. Ono, C. Kawaragi, S. Saito (JNES)
Abstract / Presentation

Microbial activity in a deep underground high-level waste disposal cell
 F. Marsal (IRSN)
Abstract / Presentation

Leaching of long-lived radionuclides from demolition rubble of NPPs
H.-J. Herbert (GRS), S. Iden (Technical University of Brunswick)
Abstract / Presentation

In-situ validation of the IRSN radon dispersion code CITRON in the case of a uranium mining and milling waste repository
L. Marie, R. Améon, T. Doursout (IRSN)
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EUROSAFE 2010 Seminar 4

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Seminar 4
Nuclear Security

Assessment and approval of reinforced protection of vehicles used for the shipment of sensitive nuclear material
O. Loiseau, D. Larrignon, B. Autrusson (IRSN)
Abstract / Presentation 

Exercise of the management of a crisis initiated by a malevolent act
A. Nannini, J. Aurelle (IRSN)
Abstract / Presentation

IAEA support for the establishment of nuclear security education
A. Braunegger-Guelich, V. Rukhlo (IAEA)
Abstract / Presentation

Use of video systems in securing nuclear facilities
E. Zakharko, U. Weizel, A. Rduch (GRS)