EUROSAFE Forum 2011

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Eurosafe 2011

The EUROSAFE Forum 2011 took place on November 7th and 8th, 2011, in Paris, France.
The main topic of the forum was "Nuclear safety: new challenges, gained experience and public expectations" with a special Focus on the Fukushima Accident.
Most of the presentations and abstracts of this forum can be downloaded below.


EUROSAFE 2011 Plenary

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New challenges for safety in the light of the Fukushima NPS accident
Jacques Repussard, Director General (IRSN)
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Report from the Fukushima NPS accident: lessons drawn by the Japanese safety organisations
Yoshihiro Nakagome, President (JNES)

Example of safety methodology for extreme and combined external hazards
Ulla Vuorio, Senior advisor (STUK)

Definition and realization of the stress tests worldwide in 2011 and beyond
Jim Lyons, Director of Division of Nuclear Installation Safety (IAEA)

New safety requirements and long term operation policy
Jose Maria Bernaldo de Quiròs, Almaraz NPP Manager

Networking of TSOs in the emergency preparedness response
Frank-Peter Weiss (ETSON)

EUROSAFE 2011 Fukushima Seminar

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Fukushima Seminar

Experience Feedback on the Fukushima NPS Accident

Description of the accident scenarios, current status of the reactors
Reporting: E. Ušpuras (LEI)
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Radioactive source term and release in the environment
Reporting: O. Isnard (IRSN)
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Sanitary and environmental consequences
Reporting: H. Thielen (GRS)
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Harmonisation of practices for emergency preparedness response
Reporting: E. Scott de Martinville (IRSN)
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The evolution of the TSO programme of work after the Fukushima NPS accident
Reporting: P. De Gelder (Bel V)
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EUROSAFE 2011 Seminar 1

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Seminar 1

Safety Research and Expertise

Continued efforts to improve the robustness of the French Gen II PWRs to the risks of severe accidents. Safety assessment and research activities
E. Raimond, J.-M. Bonnet (IRSN)
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Severe accident mitigation in German NPPs – status and future activities
M. Sonnenkalb, M. Mertins (GRS)
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The TSO’s position on safety research to be performed over the next decade
G. Bruna, J.-P. Van Dorsselaere, E. Scott de Martinville, B. Chaumont, K. Ben Ouaghrem (IRSN), P. De Gelder, V. Deledicque (Bel V), A. Munuera Bassols (CSN), A. Pautz, W. Klein-Hessling (GRS), Y. Yamamoto (JNES), R. Jansen (KFD), S. Rimkevicius (LEI), L. Skånberg (SSM), Y. Aleksyeyev (SSTC), Z. Kriz, M. Hrehor (UJV), S. Vuori (VTT), J. Bahna (VUJE)
Abstract not available / Presentation

First insights from common evaluations of operational experiences on behalf of the European Clearinghouse
M. Maqua (GRS), R. Bertrand (IRSN)
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Design deviations treatment on French NPPs
H. Bodineau (IRSN)
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EUROSAFE 2011 Seminar 2

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Seminar 2

Radiation Protection and Environment

Radioactive inventory at the Fukushima NPS
G. Pretzsch, V. Hannstein, E. Schrödl, M. Wehrfritz (GRS)
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Contamination of water and biota of the coastal area in the vicinity of the Fukushima NPS
D. Weiss (GRS)
Abstract / Presentation

The elaboration of a mapping during the emergency phase: the example of Fukushima NPS
O. Isnard et al. (IRSN)
Abstract / Presentation

The GRS emergency center during the Fukushima NPS accident: Communicating radiological information to the public
F.-N. Sentuc, S. Dokter (GRS)
Abstract / Presentation

The IRSN emergency center during the Fukushima NPS accident: responding to health concerns
J.-R. Jourdain et al. (IRSN)
Abstract not available / Presentation

Lessons from Chernobyl post-accident management
T. Schneider et al. (CEPN)
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EUROSAFE 2011 Seminar 3

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Seminar 3


The STAR project: table top exercise of an attack of a nuclear facility
J. Aurelle, A. Nannini (IRSN)
Abstract / Presentation

The Fukushima NPS Accident - Importance for the Security of NPP
M. Zöllner (TÜV SÜD Munich)
Abstract not available / Presentation

NDA measurement used for Nuclear Security concerns P. Funk (IRSN)
Abstract / Presentation

Preparation of an IPPAS mission of the IAEA in France
J. Jalouneix (IRSN)
Abstract not available / Presentation

Security of radioactive sources in Ukraine
T. Meyer, T. Brasser, U. Hertes (GRS)
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EUROSAFE 2011 OEF Workshop

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OEF Workshop non-NPP

Operating experience feedback on nuclear installations other than NPP

The Fuel Incident Notification and Analysis System (FINAS) and the associated database
G. Jones (IAEA)
Abstract / Presentation

German approach for the compilation and evaluation of abnormal occurrences in nuclear fuel cycle facilities
W. Mester, B. Gmal, S. Geupel (GRS)
Abstract / Presentation

The processes for fissile material flux management: theory vs practice
C. Peters (Bel V)
Abstract / Presentation

Links between operating experience feedback of industrial accidents and nuclear safety
S.-P. Eury (BARPI - French Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development)
Abstract / Presentation

Learning lessons from accidents with a human and organisational factors perspective: deficiencies and failures of operating experience feedback systems
N. Dechy (IRSN)
Abstract / Presentation

EUROSAFE 2011 Posters

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Criticality Accident in Case of a Spent Fuel Pool Dry-Out - Poster

Developing Guidance in the Nuclear Criticality Safety Assessment for Fuel Cycle Facilities - Poster

Enlargement and Statutes Development for ETSON - Poster

Failure Assessment of Piping under Severe Accident Loads - Poster

Hydrogen Phenomena - Ongoing R&D Activities and Open Issues - Poster

New Determination Method for Long Term Diffusion Coefficient of Heavy Metals in Compacted Bentonite - Poster

Relevance of Microbial Processes for the Long-Term Safety of Deep Geological Repositories - Poster

Rod Ejection Accident by the Coupled-Code System ATHLET-QUABOX/CUBBOX - Poster

SARGEN IV - Poster

Status and Perspectives of SARNET Network - Poster

Strengthening the Nuclear Regulators in Third Countries - Poster

Sump Clogging Issue - Viktoria Loop - Poster

The ETSON Junior Staff Programme - Current Status and Activity Overview - Poster

The European Nuclear Safety Training and Tutoring Institute (ENSTTI) - Poster

The French TSO and Public Communication During Crisis Lessons Learned from the Fukushima Accident - First Results - Poster

Uncertainty and sensitivity Study for a WWER-440V-213 Containment - Poster