Innovations at Full Scope Simulator Bohunice V2 NPP

There is always need to extend simulation possibilities and to include more operational staff into the common training with control room operators. Simulator gives options to train staff in following competencies:

  • manipulations on technology with immediate response on the device;
  • assessing the response of the device to manipulation by parameter changes;
  • work with operational documentation;
  • the use of tools to prevent human error;
  • cooperation with control room (team work).

Other benefits have been  identified during training:

  • validation of operating procedures performed by field operators outside the control room;
  • „three-way-communication“ practice.

Technical equipment:

  • work station with direct connection to the FSS;
  • software application with visualization;
  • phone connection with control room.

Operational staff station

Operational staff station computer is connected directly to the simulator server through TCP/IP. Staff can manipulate with devices by using a special MMI drawings.

Operational staff station drawings were developed using ThunderEdit drawing package. This tool has been developed by CORYS U.S. ThunderEdit is a sophisticated, full-featured Visio-like drag-and-drop graphical development tool.


Ruben Vidlička, VUJE, a.s., Slovakia