Building a new TSO organization and its competences in the Czech Republic

Research Centre Rez (CVR) has agreed with the State Office for Nuclear Safety (SUJB) on establishing and gradual building of an independent technical and expert support in the area of nuclear safety inside the National Radiation Protection Institute (hereinafter SÚRO v.v.i.).

The SÚRO v.v.i. is a research organization directly subordinated to SUJB. Its primary mission has been an applied research in the field of radiation protection, as well as direct support of regulatory and supervisory functions of the SUJB. From the perspective of international practice SÚRO v.v.i. fulfills the function of TSO organization for SUJB, but so far only in the area of radiation protection. The rationale behind this agreement is a plan to strengthen independence of the TSO function in the Czech Republic covering all necessary areas, such as nuclear safety, technical safety, radiation protection, emergency preparedness and security (physical protection).

The essence of this concept is the gradual building of human and material resources in the new Nuclear Safety Section of SÚRO v.v.i. based on smooth gradual transfer of personnel from Safety Research Section of CV Rez into SÚRO v.v.i. and its further staffing and professional growth ensured by recruiting new junior and senior workers from the academic, research or the public sectors, and constantly deepening the necessary know-how with the support of CV Rez. The ultimate goal of this solution is to have after 2020 a professionally staffed and fully functional TSO group on nuclear safety within SÚRO v.v.i., which will have all the attributes of a competent and independent expertise in all basic areas related to the evaluation of nuclear safety. This expertise will be further strengthened by wide expert networking involving universities, research institutions, including foreign partner organizations, e.g. ETSON members, based on "ad-hoc" contracts, especially in areas in which maintaining its own expertise would not be effective.

The overall aim of this plan is to arrange that SÚRO v.v.i. will be in 2021 a stabilized scientific research and expert institute of SUJB covering both nuclear safety and radiation protection, and as such it will be a respected member of the European association ETSON and also sought-after partner for other research organizations involved in research of nuclear safety and radiation protection.


Miroslav Hrehor, CV REZ