The EU SUSEN project was successfully completed

In December 2011 Research Centre Rez (RCR), with the support of the Ministry of Education,Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic,received approval  for the realisation of the big structural EU project „Sustainable Energy (SUSEN)“, funded by aproximately 100 mio. Euro with 85% of EU participation.

In the framework of the SUSEN project seven modern research and development sites were built, particularly new Diagnostic centre in Rez and new Experimental hall in Plzen (West Bohemia University). Other sites were reconstructed and refurbished to be ready to accomodate new and modern experimental technologies. All construction works were gradually completed between 2013 and 2015.

Between 2014 and 2017 the buildings were equipped with state-of-art unique experimental equipment delivered mostly by foreign suppliers.The project was officially concluded by the international scientific conference on 13 September 2017 in Rez. The project consists of four programmes which are focused on principle knowledge areas:

  • Programme No.1- Technological Experimental Circuits Research (experimental loops of supercritical water,high temperature helium, supercritical CO2,Pb-Li  alloy for material and fuel cladding research, coolant chemistry research etc.) which are focussed on research and development of GEN IV reactors and nuclear fusion
  • Programme No.2- Structural and System Diagnostic Research which is aimed for support long-term operation (LTO) of the current generation of NPPs (GEN II) i.e. research of degradation of mechanical properties of structural materials,development of a new NDE procedures including ten hot cells ,modern NDT laboratory  etc. 
  • Programme No.3- Nuclear Fuel Cycle Research ,in which research and development of back end of NPP fuel cycle particularly of deep geological repository,radioactive waste processing and conditioning technologies,modelling of severe accident situations will be carried out
  • Programme No.4- Material Research which will pursue evaluation of mechanical properties and microstructure of the new advanced materials under extreme conditions (high temperatures and pressures,aggresive environment etc.)

SUSEN project plan defines 23 specific project outputs and 54 projects results which will be achieved gradually by the end of 2022.

During the finalisation of the SUSEN project the high number of researchers and scientists has been hired so that a young generation under 40 years creates a majority of SUSEN staff (about 330).

Open access to the SUSEN research infrastructure is granted to all individuals, teams and institutions from academia, business, industry and public services. The application to open access will be evaluated through a peer review process by internal experts and supervised by RCR Scientific Council. Priority will be given to the development of peaceful applications of nuclear technologies, agendas defined by the Czech/European research programs, topics of pre-commercial nature, and topics with utilisation of  the complexities of available research infrastructure.

In summary the SUSEN project has been creating a great opportunity in the many areas of the fission and fusion research particilarly for young researchers in Europe and beyond.


Zdenek Kriz, CV REZ