Accolade for nuclear safety culture training

Wood’s Nuclear Safety Culture Training programme has gained a key industry accolade.

Following rigorous assessment, a panel of experts found that the course supports the knowledge requirements of the Nuclear Institute’s Nuclear Delta®, which defines the attributes necessary for nuclear professionals.

David Boath, Vice President for Project Delivery at Wood, said: “We are very pleased to receive this important endorsement. Nuclear safety is the overriding priority in all of our work and this training programme is about developing and reinforcing the culture and behaviours which underpin it.”

Alastair Laird, Chief Executive Officer of the UK’s Nuclear Institute (NI), said: “We are delighted to formally endorse Wood’s Nuclear Safety Culture course, which includes training in human error prevention tools. We look forward to continuing our close working relationship with Wood to support and recognise the nuclear professionalism of their staff.”

The NI found that Wood staff completing the programme had successfully demonstrated their knowledge of nuclear safety culture, nuclear security, and personal behavioural standards.

It also concluded that all staff are encouraged and supported to apply this knowledge in their day to day work, and that evidence of their nuclear professionalism was recorded using the company’s Competency Assessment System. The endorsement took effect on 1st November 2016 and will remain valid for three years.

The NI’s recognition was sought after Wood revised its training programme in anticipation of changes in the European Union Directive on Nuclear Safety which came into effect in 2017.

The directive places requirements on member states, nuclear operators, and regulators. Operators and regulators can also request an equally high degree of compliance from contractors and suppliers.


George Brownless, Wood