Launching of SITEX_Network

The SITEX initiative has taken a new turn since beginning of 2018. SITEX, which stands for Sustainable Independent Technical EXpertise  on radioactive waste management (RWM), was the subject of two European projects (2012-2013 and 2015-2017) aiming at defining and then implementing activities and interaction modes in view of developing at the international level an expertise function network in RWM. The relevance of this initiative, focused on geological disposal at its start, has been widely recognized by its participants and beyond. It consequently led to the launching of the association SITEX_Network at the beginning of January 2018.

The overall purpose of SITEX_Network is to enhance and foster cooperation at the international level in order to achieve a high quality expertise function in RWM, independent from organizations responsible for the implementation of RWM programs, aiming at supporting the Nuclear Regulatory Authorities as well as the Civil Society.  Its main activities will deal with programming, harmonizing and implementing in various fields, mainly research, safety review, training and institutional/non-institutional interaction, with plurality of views and competencies.  In the year 2018, SITEX_Network activities will mainly focus on contribution to the European Joint Program in RWM currently under preparation for the EURATOM call as well as the SITEX training provided through ENSTTI.

For the first term, the association will be chaired by IRSN and co-chaired by Bel V and MKG. At present, it gathers 14 Founding Members from 9 countries, among which are 8 Technical Support Organizations, 1 Regulatory Authority and 5 Civil Society Organisations. SITEX_Network will welcome as new member any institution or individual party having interest in independent regulatory assessment of RWM activities while proactively contributing to SITEX vision and objectives.