SSTC NRS Director about 30th Annual Regulatory Information Conference

On 13-15 March 2018, the 30th Annual Regulatory Information Conference (RIC) was held in Bethesda (USA). Ihor Shevchenko, SSTC NRS Director, participated in the Conference as a part of the Ukrainian delegation.

Q: Ihor, you are taking part in the Conference, within which the participants discuss the bilateral cooperation and planning of future activities between the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (U.S. NRC) and the SSTC NRS. Would you please comment on what this cooperation means for Ukraine?

On 13 March, there was the Agreement signed between the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine and the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission on the exchange of technical information and cooperation in the field on nuclear safety. In particular, the SSTC NRS made a significant contribution to the establishment of the Ukrainian regulatory authority and to the signing of the Agreement that allows continued cooperation between regulatory authorities of the two countries. For Ukraine, such cooperation provides the opportunity to acquire and familiarize with modern experience in the field of nuclear regulation.

Q: What other relevant issues were discussed during the Conference and what were the most important to you?

Particular attention was paid to the licensing of new reactors and use of risk-informed approaches that are new and extremely important for increasing nuclear and radiation safety of Ukrainian NPPs.
Also, an emphasis was put on the importance of improving physical protection and cyber security of nuclear facilities. In my opinion, these areas should become key aspects at all levels of arranging activities in the nuclear energy sector: from the construction and operation of NPPs to the management of radioactive waste, etc.

Q: As a rule, important aspects are discussed in an informal setting during such events. What solutions were discussed today?

It was pleasant to note the positive attitude of our partners on the cooperation with Ukraine. We felt an unconditional support of our country, which is in difficult political and economic conditions, as well as readiness for efficient cooperation.


Tetiana Verbytska, SSTC NRS