Westinghouse to Supply Nuclear Fuel to 7 of 15 Ukrainian Nuclear Power Units Beginning 2021

Westinghouse Electric Company and Energoatom Company have recently signed a new nuclear fuel contract extension. The contract expands cooperation and is intended for supply of Westinghouse fuel to seven of the fifteen Ukrainian nuclear power units beginning from 2021.

“We are the only VVER-1000 operator in the world that has fully diversified nuclear fuel supplies for this reactor design”, Yurii Nedashkovsky pointed out. “Cooperation with Westinghouse Electric was key to achieving this goal”.

Today, Westinghouse fuel is operated in mixed cores at six Ukrainian NPP units: South Ukraine NPP Units 2 and 3 and Zaporizhzhya NPP Units 1, 3, 4, and 5.

Ihor Shevchenko, Director of the State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety, noted that the process of gradual transition from mixed cores loaded with fuel from different suppliers to cores loaded with fuel from one supplier was ongoing. According to Shevchenko, seven of the fifteen nuclear power units of Ukraine will operate the cores loaded only with Westinghouse fuel.

Aziz Dag, Vice President and Managing Director of Westinghouse Electric for Northern Europe, informed that Rivne NPP Unit 3 would be the seventh reactor to receive Westinghouse nuclear fuel. Aziz Dag pointed out that this would be a new plant for Westinghouse and fuel would be delivered there for the first time. He also added that the contract had a paragraph relating to additional purchase of nuclear fuel upon Ukraine’s request. 

In mid-March, Westinghouse Electric press service announced that VVER-440 fuel would be manufactured if necessary. Ukraine operates two VVER-440 units: they are Rivne NPP Units 1 and 2. Nuclear fuel for these power units is currently supplied by Russian TVEL Company.


Katherine Stavnichuk, SSTC NRS