Implementing the Romanian National Strategy for Nuclear Safety and Security

The Romanian National Strategy for Nuclear Safety and Security was approved by Government Decision no. 600 on July 23, 2014.

The fundamental objective of the Strategy is the continuous improvement of nuclear safety and security, namely the protection of personnel, population and environment, against the harmful effects of radiation. Considering the factors contributing to the nuclear safety and security, 12 derived strategic objectives (OSD) (first 7 - basic strategic objectives, the others - strategic support objectives) were established, being focused on:

  • Safe operation of nuclear installations;
  • Radiological protection;
  • Physical protection;
  • Safeguards;
  • Nuclear safety and security in the management of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste;
  • Emergency response preparation;
  • Cyber security in the nuclear field;
  • Nuclear management systems and nuclear safety and security culture;
  • Nuclear safety and security competences;
  • Capabilities of scientific research, technological development and innovation in the field of nuclear safety and security;
  • Enhancing international cooperation;
  • Ensuring the needed human and financial resources.

For each strategic objective, specific actions have been established. The report on the implementation stage of the Strategy is carried out annually by CNCAN based on the results transmitted by the organizations involved in the implementation of the Strategy and is submitted to the Government.

RATEN ICN is actively involved in implementation of National Strategy in Nuclear Safety and Security, contributing to 85 activities (out of 214), and being coordinator for 15. As an organization responsible for implementing the Strategy, the Institute has the following obligations:

  • to identify the improvement opportunities at the organization level and to develop action plans and programmes related to their implementation;
  • to identify and allocate human and financial resources necessary to ensure the implementation of action plans;
  • to annually review the action plans and programmes related to the implementation of this strategy and its updating, as needed.

The implementation of the elements, criteria and requirements set out in the Strategy requires the combination of efforts of all authorities and institutions with responsibilities in the nuclear field.

As next steps,

  • Is necessary (at least for the activities where RATEN ICN has been designated coordinator) to resize the allocated resources in order to achieve the proposed objectives
  • Is necessary to evaluate the need to continue certain actions, or to initiate new ones