SARENA: The first ERASMUS+ nuclear education program

The two year Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering, SARENA (SAfe and REliable Nuclear Applications), aims to develop scientific, technical and management skills enabling engineers to work in all domains related to nuclear energy and applications. A strong international culture will be added based on the students from all around the world joining the program.

SARENA, now approved and scheduled to start in the second half of 2019, will offer integrated and balanced program, fully taught in English. A wide range of nuclear applications including nuclear power plant (NPP) design and operation and addresses the important issue of safe management of radioactive waste and installations dismantlement and decommissioning, will be covered.

The high standard of European safety culture teaching is predominant within the program as well as management with a specific focus on the role of human factors and organizations. The teaching program is strongly supported by hands on training in the research & development facilities available in the consortium institutions. It also benefits from strong ties between the consortium institutions and the associate partners, industrial organizations, regulators, and international organisations, which offer teaching and practical experience within their facilities and above all the opportunities for internships and employment.

The 2 year SARENA master program (120 ECTS) comprises an academic period of 3 semesters accounting for 30 ECTS each and an industrial or research project semester with a master thesis accounting for 30 ECTS. Three complementary semesters are offered with gradual learning of important topics in nuclear sciences, engineering and management. The 1st semester at IMT Atlantique, France, will offer basic courses, preparing students for the 2nd, pre-specialization semester, either at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain (Radiochemistry, Environmental Impact and Safety) or at Laapenranta University of Technology, Finland (Nuclear Reactors Thermal Hydraulics and Modelling). Specializations are offered in the 3rd semester:

  • Radioactive Waste Management and Decommissioning at IMT Atlantique, France, and
  • Nuclear Reactors Operation and Safety at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

4th semester is devoted to a master thesis developed either in a company or at a research institution under the joint supervision of an Academic Tutor from the University, where the student is enrolled, and a Company Tutor/Laboratory Supervisor where the thesis takes place.

The consortium was set up to provide the best education for nuclear sector at stake nowadays and in the future in Europe. Providing the best knowledge and competencies in each semester guarantees the education of highly skilled engineers and experts.

SARENA program will also offer scholarships.


Prof. Iztok Tiselj,
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics,
University of Ljubljana, and Jožef Stefan institute