The Federal Atomic Law amended in Russia

The Federal Law No. 118-FZ dated of May 23, 2018 “On amendments to the Article 26 of the Federal Law “On the Use of Atomic Energy” and recognition of the individual provisions of the Russian Federation legislative acts to become ineffective” came into force in Russia.

According to the Law, calculation models used for safety analysis should be built with computer programs which have undergone the review procedure established by the Regulatory Authority. Review procedure is to be carried out by technical support organization of the Regulatory Authority.

Main goal of the review is to determine the availability of the computer program to perform simulation of different processes and/or conditions of nuclear installations with the reasonable accuracy.

SEC NRS (the Russian TSO) has more than 25 years of successful experience in the review of computer programs used for safety analysis of nuclear installations. Common components of computer program review are assessment of verification and validation report and testing of the computer program.  The reviews are performed by SEC NRS within the Expert Council on computer programs, which includes leading specialists from sixty scientific and technical organizations operating in the nuclear power industry, as well as representatives of the regulatory authority, national research centers, leading universities and institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

SEC NRS will use its experience in the review of computer programs to follow the provisions of the new Federal Law.


Denis Mistryugov, Head International Relations, SEC NRS