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Insulation Performance of Safety-related Cables under Simulated Severe Accident Conditions

Cables used in nuclear power plants have functions of supplying electric power or transmitting signals for monitoring or controlling equipment. Safety-related cables are required to maintain their intended function under all assumed environmental conditions including various design basis accidents, such as a loss-of-coolant accident, throughout their service life.


Study on evaluation method of EAL effectiveness in nuclear emergency

The Nuclear Emergency Preparedness and Response Guide in Japan requires that the emergency planning zones around a nuclear power plant (NPP), the emergency classification and emergency action levels (EALs), according to the NPP conditions, shall be implemented in advance.


IAEA TSO Conference

Research on Ageing Degradation Phenomena in a Fuel Reprocessing Facility

Any licensee of spent nuclear fuel reprocessing facility has a duty to maintain its performance to meet the regulatory requirements based on the law.


Tephrochronological study for evaluation of fault activity

To evaluate fault activity, reliable dating methods for geological units (landforms or geological sediments) are important, as a capable tectonic source under the NRA regulatory guides is defined as the presence of surface or near-surface deformation of geological units of a recurring nature within the last 120­–130 kiloyears corresponding to the Late Pleistocene.



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