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The August 2018 Edition of the EUROSAFE FORUM Newsletter was prepared by Lithuanian Energy Institute. We are glad to share information with our valuable readers about some recent activities, conferences’ events and achievements we and SSTC NRS have made in nuclear-related field.

S. Rimkevičius
Director, Lithuanian Energy Institute


In pursuit to harness the power of the Sun – opportunities for Lithuanian science community

On 23-24 of May, 2018, Prof. Dr. Tony Donné the Programme Manager (CEO) of EUROfusion – European consortium for thermonuclear fusion research – visited Lithuania, where meetings were held with representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania, the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, and the Lithuanian Energy Institute. Mr. Donné presented the European Union’s Roadmap to the realisation of Fusion Energy and invited Lithuania’s science community to take part in multitude of research opportunities available in effort to realise fusion-powered electricity by year 2050. The meetings were organized by Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI) which represents Lithuania as a signatory research unit in the EUROfusion Consortium.



Baltic region cooperation in nuclear energy related research

Final meeting of H2020 BRILLIANT project was held in the Lithuanian Energy Institute. The importance of regional cooperation in energy field, which is especially crucial for small countries of Baltic sea region, was recognised. All participants agreed that BRILLIANT project provided a good opportunity for initiation of Baltic Sea countries cooperation in nuclear energy field.



15th Conference of Young Scientists on Energy Issues (CYSENI 2018)

The main goal of CYSENI is to discuss issues and perspectives of energy sector worldwide; as well as to provide a free platform for young scientists to develop their skills. As usual, Ph. D. students, postdocs, master students and all other young scientists doing research on energy issues were present in this annual Conference as speakers and participants.



The 13th International Conference on Critical Information Infrastructures Security (CRITIS 2018)

24-26 September, 2018, Kaunas, Lithuania

CRITIS 2018 continues the tradition of presenting innovative research and exploring new challenges in the fields of critical (information) infrastructures protection (C(I)IP), resilience, and of fostering the dialogue with all stakeholders. CRITIS 2018 aims at bringing together researchers, professionals from academia, critical (information) infrastructure operators, industry, defence sector, and governmental organisations working in the field of the security of critical (information) infrastructures.


IAEA TSO Conference
SSTC NRS Westinghouse

Nuclear Fuel Diversification: Ukraine’s Successful Experience

On 19 July 2018, a remarkable event took place: for the first time in the history of the Ukrainian NPPs, a nuclear power unit core was fully loaded with Westinghouse fuel. This refers to the third power unit of the South Ukrainian NPP, which was selected as a pilot one to load American-Swedish fuel assemblies.



International Nuclear Summer School in Ukraine: Successful Start

The International Ukrainian-Turkish Nuclear Summer School, organized with the support and participation of the State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (SSTC NRS), Zaporizhzhya NPP, Odessa National Polytechnic University and the Ankara University (Turkey) was held in Odesa (Ukraine) in the period from 13 to 21 July 2018.



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