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The September 2018 edition of the EUROSAFE FORUM Newsletter was prepared by the Slovak company VUJE, a.s., located in Trnava.

VUJE is an engineering company providing services in energy sector, with a special focus on nuclear power plants. Its current activities include design, preparation, construction, operation and decommissioning of energy installations, safety analysis, technical support, research and training in the field of nuclear and conventional power generation.

VUJE, a key player in the nuclear sector since 1977, offers plenty of services and works based on considerable experience of project implementation in the nuclear field in Slovakia as well as abroad.

We are pleased to share with you information on some of our remarkable activities and wish you pleasant and interesting reading.


Dismantling and Fragmentation of VVER-440 Primary Circuit Components – Safety Principles

The following main primary circuit components of V1 Nuclear Power Plant (V1 NPP) in Slovakia with two VVER-440 reactors are included in the process of dismantling and fragmentation which is now under initial phase of implementation...



Another successful project for VUJE in Ukraine

This summer VUJE has successfully completed supply of the Liquid Radioactive Waste Transport Packages (LRWTP) for Chernobyl NPP. Set of two transports packages with special trailer and docking stations were supplied to the Spent Fuel Processing Facility (SPFS) of the Interim Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage (ISF-2).



To Severe Accident Dedicated I&C System: Slovakian’s Successful Experience

To severe accident dedicated I&C system (SAM-I&C) is continuously developed by VUJE, a.s. since 2012.

The first implementation took place on Bohunice 3 and 4 units and the second on Mochovce 1 and 2 units. All units are Russian origin, 440MW VVER type.



Areal Radiation Modelling Interactive Suite System

ARAMIS System (Areal Radiation Modelling Interactive Suite) was developed by VUJE, a.s. within 2015 and 2018 for the Slovak nuclear power plants Bohunice - EBO and Mochovce - EMO, with VVER type reactors.


IAEA TSO Conference
SSTC NRS Westinghouse

Decommissioning Costing Code Based on the ISDC

The International Structure for Decommissioning Costing (ISDC) of Nuclear Installations was published in 2012 as the joint initiative of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA), the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the European Commission (EC). The ISDC is the international standard format for presenting costs for decommissioning projects. Definitions of ISDC cost items facilitates understanding and benchmarking of cost elements of decommissioning projects.



Mochovce NPP Surveillance Specimens Programme

Mochovce NPP, units 3 and 4 Surveillance Specimens Programme (MSSP-34) was developed in VUJE specially for monitoring of the neutron irradiation effects on RPV materials' mechanical properties changing due to the operational influence. During the realization of MSSP-34 we will be able to analyse irradiation induced changes compared with the results in the as-received state (zero condition) and after planned stages of radiation exposure.


SSTC NRS Westinghouse

Corrosion monitoring system for LRAW underground storage tanks

Liquid radioactive waste (LRAW) in Bohunice NPP is stored inside the underground concrete tanks with inner stainless steel lining. These storage tanks are exploited under strict safety criteria. One of main exploitation criteria is regular non-destructive inspection of the inner stainless steel lining (in past it was every 4 years). Aim of these inspections is to prevent any leakage into the surrounding area. Their disadvantages are: high costs, high personnel dose rates and generation of new LRAW.



IV. International Conference Eastern and Central European Decommissioning (ECED2019)

In June 25 – 27, 2019 in Holiday Inn, Trnava, Slovakia, the Slovak Nuclear Society (SNUS) organize fourth International conference „Eastern and Central European Decommissioning“ (


The new ENSTTI training catalogue 2018-2019 is available

It is ENSTTI’s goal to provide initial training and continuous qualification programs that will ensure that personnel of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority and Technical Safety Organizations or any professionals involved in licensing procedures are able to maintain the level of skills and knowledge required for their current positions, and that they have the opportunity to prepare in time to take on new tasks or promotions.

The new Enstti training catalogue 2018-2019 is now available on the Enstti website:, with detailed course’s description and all practical information needed to apply for a training course delivered by Enstti. A training schedule, updated every 6 months, is opening the catalogue giving details on partners' training funding such as the EC/INSC T&T project or the IAEA TC programme.

Our training and tutoring programs are delivered exclusively by senior professionals from European TSOs who take the latest technical developments into consideration. These programs are continuously updated and improved through a systematic approach to training.

Download the Enstti catalogue at:



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