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Michel Van haesendonck

Outlining a relevant strategy in a challenging future

The IAEA TSO Conferences are held every four years. They offer a unique opportunity to exchange views on the present and future of nuclear power, and on the related safety issues. The six topical sessions of the October 2018 Conference in Brussels attracted around 250 participants from 65 IAEA member states and five international organisations.

Michel Van haesendonck,
Bel V



ETSON: where do we stand?

Since it was established by Bel V, GRS and IRSN in 2006, the European Technical Safety Organisations Network (ETSON) has gone a long way in developing its membership, activities and international reach. With GRS Scientific and Technical Director Uwe Stoll now in charge of the Network’s future, ETSON’s former president and Bel V’s former managing director Benoît De Boeck reviews some achievements which testify to the abiding commitment of each member TSO.


SITEX Network

SITEX Network: promoting safety considerations
in radwaste management

Since 2009, IGD-TP, a European Technology Platform launched by the European Commission (EC) and waste management organisations has been discussing and determining the research requirements for implementing the geological disposal of radioactive waste in Europe. In 2012, with EC support, TSOs developed the SITEX project (Sustainable network of Independent Technical EXpertise for radioactive waste disposal) to better highlight their safety issues related to nuclear waste management and their corresponding research needs. In 2018, SITEX was structured as a network (SITEX_Network 1) to ensure the perennial development of its activities. Bel V actively participates in this SITEX initiative, which contributes to the development of its expertise in radioactive waste management.


Technical Report

TBRS: four letters synonymous with harmonisation

Early on after the establishment of ETSON as a leading TSO organisation, its members took steps to create several topical ETSON Expert Groups (EEGs) tasked with fostering cooperation in challenging technical areas. Their primary aim was to share and ultimately harmonise the safety assessment practices of the different member TSOs.


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Concrete Problems

Solving concrete problems

Safety inspections at Doel and Tihange, the two nuclear-power production sites in Belgium, revealed deteriorated concrete on the bottom face of the roof slab in several bunkerised steam exhaust rooms designed to withstand external hazards, such as airplane crashes. Beyond the actual safety challenge posed by this concrete deterioration, the political aspect placed greater pressure on Bel V, tasked with assessing the safety aspects of the problem and providing conclusions.


ETSON Research Group (ERG)

15 March 2019
at Paris, France

More about ERG...

OECD/NEA ATLAS Phase 2 Programme

23 - 24 April 2019
at Brussels, Belgium

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Training course Lessons Learned from Fukushima Daiichi Accident and the EU Stress Test 18 - 22 March 2019 in Paris, France

In the framework of the INSC T&T Instrument of the European Commission, ENSTTI, professional training and tutoring institute to transfer the knowledge and the knowhow of the European Nuclear Safety Organizations, organize a 5 days training courses.

This course benefits from the participation of a former Fukushima NPP staff who led the on-site restoration group coping with the accident and from the coordinator of the EU Stress-Test.

As Professionals involved in nuclear, radiation and waste safety from nuclear regulatory authorities and technical safety organizations you need to integrate up-to-date information into your activities. In this respect, to possess a thorough background on the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi NPP and its consequences, the lessons learned from the plant behaviour assessment, the severe-accident management and emergency response, and the post-Fukushima activities like the EU stress tests is critical.

Price: No fees for INSC participant for this Training, and € 2500 for non-INSC participants
Registration Deadline: 11 March 2019

+ ENSTTI training catalogue 2019 is updated:

The Updated ENSTTI training catalogue 2019 is now available on the Enstti website with detailed course’s description and all practical information needed to apply for a training course delivered by ENSTTI.

A training schedule, updated every 6 months, is opening the catalogue giving details on partners’ training funding such as the EC/INSC T&T project or the IAEA TC programme.

Our training and tutoring programs are delivered exclusively by senior professionals from European TSOs and regulatory authorities who take the latest technical developments into consideration.

Contact & registration: www.enstti.eu



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