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Milan Patrik, CV REZ Director

Dear Readers,

in this April 2019 Edition of the Newsletter we are happy to inform you that

... the decision to organize a new  TSO organization in the Czech republic within the National Radiation Protection Institute is in a good progress.

... CVŘ is not only a TSO but also a licensee recently performing un updated safety assessment of the LVR-15 research reactor as a part of our preparation for the IAEA INSARR mission.

… we are working together with TechnicAtom and FRAMATOM - CERCA (both in France) on a prototype design of the new fuel assembly for LVR-15 research reactor.

... the next ETSON General Assembly and Management Board meeting will be hosted
by CVŘ in Prague and at the Research Centre Řež (CVŘ) on 3- 4 July 2019.

… the European Commission and ENSTTI offer a training course on safety culture
and management system.

We wish you pleasant reading and a nice spring 2019!

Milan Patrík
Managing Director, CV REZ

Progress in building a new TSO organization and its competences in the Czech Republic


In EUROSAFE News from December 2017 we informed readers about the decision of the Czech nuclear regulatory authority SÚJB (State Office for Nuclear Safety) to build its new TSO organization in the National Radiation Protection Institute  (hereinafter SÚRO v.v.i.), which is the traditional SÚJB’s TSO for radiation protection. Research Centre Řež (CVŘ), current member of ETSON and SÚJB’s TSO  in the area of nuclear safety, has agreed with SUJB on gradual transfer of the nuclear safety expertize from CVR to SÚRO v.v.i.

The implementation of this decision is today, two years after its approval, in a good progress.


Software used

Updated safety analysis of Research Reactor LVR-15

An important part of the CVŘ research infrastructure is the research reactor LVR-15, which has been in operation since 1957. The reactor is operated under the license of the State Office for Nuclear Safety (SÚJB), which expires in 2020.  The CVŘ is preparing an application  to extend it for another 10 years.



H2020 European LEU-FOREVER Project

Ongoing H2020 European LEU-FOREvER Project, associating major actors of the European Research Reactors community – CEA, CV Řež, FRAMATOME - CERCA, ILL, NCBJ, SCK∙CEN, TechnicAtome, TUM, aims at fostering the development of sustainable Low Enriched Uranium (LEU) fuels for European Research Reactors.

Some European Medium Power Research Reactors (EU_MPRR) are currently operated with a single qualified LEU dispersed UO2 based fuel: as part of the LEU-FOREvER project, fuel supply chain diversification is expected for these reactors. In order to fulfil this objective, LVR-15 reactor, operated by Centrum Výzkum Řež (CVŘ), was chosen as a case study.


Save the Date - EUROSAFE2019

ETSON Award 2019: last call for papers

At the EUROSAFE 2019 conference, the European Technical Safety Organisations Network (ETSON) will award a prize to a scientific paper written by one or several young experts from ETSON member organisations. As in previous years, the winners will be chosen on the basis of the scientific quality of the papers.

Moreover, those participants whose papers have been pre-selected by a scientific committee will compete against each other in a so-called science slam organised by ETSON´s Junior Staff Programme (JSP), taking place in the plenary session of the EUROSAFE 2019. The challenge here is to present the main contents of the paper in a concise, intelligible and ideally entertaining way within limited time. After the presentations, the winners of the ETSON Award 2019 will be jointly voted for by the audience and the ETSON jury. The best contribution will be honoured with € 3,000 and the second place will receive € 2,000. Furthermore, all participants of the science slam are invited to take part in the EUROSAFE 2019 free of charge.

Applications for participation can be sent to the ETSON JSP organisational committee via e-mail to etson.award@grs.de by June, 1. Further information on the participation requirements and the modalities of the ETSON Award can be found here.

ETSON Workshop of fusion safety issues

27 May 2019 at Kaunas, Lithuania

More at...

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Training course Oversight of Safety Culture and Management System
17-21 June, Brussels, Belgium

In the framework of the INSC T&T Instrument of the European Commission, ENSTTI, professional training and tutoring institute to transfer the knowledge and the knowhow of the European Nuclear Safety Organizations, organize a 5 days training course.

As professionals involved in nuclear safety from nuclear regulatory authorities, technical safety organizations and operators of nuclear facilities you need to integrate up-to-date information into your activities.
In this respect, this training presents the fundamentals, principles and requirements to develop, implement and use an integrated management system fitted to the regulatory needs and to its technical safety organization (TSO).

Price: No fees for INSC participant for this Training, and € 2500 for non-INSC participant

Contact & registration: www.enstti.eu


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