October 2017

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In the context of the EUROSAFE Forum 2017 in Paris, France on November 6-7, I would like to underscore how important this meeting is for sharing knowledge and experience among the nuclear safety and radiation protection communities of experts, for the benefit of nuclear safety today and in the future. I also urge TSOs worldwide – and ETSON member TSOs in particular – to continue to provide this unique initiative with the strongest possible support.

As regards ETSON, the Network has succeeded, over the past couple of months, in making significant strides in its development to keep up with a changing environment. Nuclear safety calls, more than ever, upon independent assessment capabilities based on scientific and technical self-reliance, and so ETSON has revised its strategic vision.


Benoît De Boeck
General Manager, Bel V
President, ETSON

Bel V experts participate in the analysis of EU member state strategies for transposing the new European BSS on radiation protection

A single text to replace five previous directives

The new 2013-59 EURATOM council directive on radiation protection of workers, the public and patients requires all types of exposures and sources to be taken into account. Accordingly, the new European Basic Safety Standards (BSS) on radiation protection encompass professional, existing/natural and emergency exposures to artificial sources (e.g. Cobalt-60 or Caesium-137) or natural sources (radon, NORM* or cosmic sources). The scope of the directive is broad, as it replaces five previous directives.


Digging up the past: when underground construction works
at Tihange NPP bring backfill issues to light

Located on the bank of the Meuse River, near the city of Huy in the Walloon province of Liège, the Tihange NPP consists of three PWRs commissioned in 1975, 1983 and 1985, respectively. Originally licensed for 40 years of operation, the plant saw its lifetime extended by ten years. In the wake of the post-Fukushima stress tests, the subsequent long-term operation (LTO) project involved the construction of new infrastructure to enhance the safety of Unit 1, including a new underground gallery to connect Building W, an existing building that houses auxiliary feed-water pumps, to a new building that houses mainly safety-related mechanical components.

With MELCOR, Bel V grows its calculation capabilities
to provide independent assessment of severe reactor accidents

The primary purpose of the MELCOR computer code for severe accident analysis is to model the progression of accidents that might lead to reactor core meltdown in LWR nuclear power plants. MELCOR can simulate the progression of severe accidents, from thermal-hydraulic analysis to core degradation, reactor vessel failure, and the transport of fission products inside the containment, with their release into the environment. The uses for the code extend not only to design basis accidents, where it is used in particular to estimate containment performance and fission product behaviour, but also to other reactor types and non-reactor analysis.

A fruitful Bel V-GRS partnership to make the 15th SMiRT Post-Conference Seminar on Fire Safety in Nuclear Power Plants and Installations a success

The Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology (SMiRT) conference is a major nuclear safety venue which takes place every second year. Busan (Korea) welcomed the 2017 edition on 20-25 August. Several post-conference seminars are held on specific aspects of nuclear safety, one of them being the seminar on Fire Safety in Nuclear Power Plants and Installations. The 15th edition, organised jointly by Bel V and its German counterpart GRS in Bruges (Belgium), proved to be a successful venue with state-of-the-art papers and 60 participants from all over the world.

10 years Anniversary -
SET-Plan Conference 2017 - Central European Energy Conference X

30 Nov – 1 Dec 2017
at Bratislava, Slovakia

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Bel V to host an ENSTTI training course

Bel V will host an ENSTTI training course devoted to the Oversight of Safety Culture and Management System. Particularly suited to the training and tutoring needs of experts at TSOs and safety authorities, ENSTTI courses are given by senior experts in nuclear safety and radiation protection.

16-20 April 2018
Bel V, Brussels, Belgium

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2018 TSO Conference

Hosted by the Government of Belgium, the next International Conference on Challenges Faced by Technical and Scientific Support Organizations (TSOs) in Enhancing Nuclear Safety and Security will be organised by the IAEA with Bel V’s support

15-19 October 2018
Brussels, Belgium

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